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Kawaii Cat Gaming Mousepad
Kawaii Cat Gaming Mousepad

Kawaii Cat Gaming Mousepad

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Welcome the newest addition to the CLUBFIVE family: The kawaii kitty mousepad. No surprise we added more cats, we love 'em.

Available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The sizing specifications can be found below.

*Note: The pictures display a small sized mousepad.





Height: 180mm

Width: 220mm



Height: 210mm

Width: 250mm



Height: 250mm

Width: 300mm



All Sizes: 2mm


-Overlock Stitching-

This is the stitching done to hem the edges of the mousepad. It does provide a little bit of extra longevity to the lifespan of the mousepad, however the aesthetic is ultimately more important, so choose which you prefer!