All products have FREE SHIPPING!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the shipping cost me?
All shipping is free.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to: US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Apologies for the limited shipping reach, we are working on providing our products to everyone in the world!.

How long will it take for my item(s) to arrive to me?
This is entirely dependant on where you are located. For most countries it should take no longer than 2 weeks. Generally your item(s) should arrive in no longer than 30 days.

Some of my items arrived, where is the rest of my order?
Many of our manufacturers operate on the beat of order demand, so some of our products will be shipped from different locations (and possibly at different times). As stated above, all items should arrive within 30 days of purchase.

Do you do sponsorship deals or affiliate programs?
Yes, we do. Contact via email at for any inquiries regarding advertisement and sponsorship.